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Petplan launches national census to discover what the UK’s pet population is really up to!

ASBOs for dogs, TV programmes to train tubby terriers… It seems our pets are becoming increasingly unruly but are our beloved furry friends really naughtier than ever, or is it just a media myth?

Petplan, the UK’s leading pet insurance provider, needs your help to find out. This week, National Pet Week, sees the launch of Pet Watch. This first ever national census into pet behaviour will provide the most comprehensive insight into the UK’s pets, alongside attitudes towards our own and other people’s four legged friends.

How often do barking dogs and screeching cats keep us awake at night? Are our own pets bullied by other neighbourhood animals? And would we slap an ASBO on a local pet if we could? As much as we are a nation of animal lovers, what are our ‘pet hates’? All this will be revealed through Pet Watch.

‘Alongside the unusual pet stories we have seen in recent news reports, Petplan has seen a significant rise in injury related claims in 2005. We feel duty bound to find out what is really behind this. Are British pets so pampered that they are now trying to rule the streets as well as their own roost? Pet Watch is designed to uncover all the mysteries of the pet world,’ comments Petplan’s Fiona Pinkney.

To take part in Pet Watch, visit and record your observations.