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WAG day draws near

PLANS ARE now complete for the fun day organised by the anti-puppy farm organisation WAG.
Once again the charity has been inundated with donations for this event. The main prizes of two family tickets have been kindly donated by Loudoun Castle Theme Park and their mascot Rory will be opening the show. Along with the various events and stalls Dogs Trust will be repeating their microchipping service on the day and it is hoped that they have the same success as last year.

Ken McKie on behalf of WAG said: "It is a pleasant change for the Group to be concentrating on the happy side of dog ownership. Once again we have had great support from all corners and we cannot express our appreciation for these donations. With this event we have to look to the way in which we can not only campaign but also assist the community. For this we thank Dog’s Trust and the microchipping service, which we hope will either deter people from stealing their pets, or trace their missing pet. We now can only hope that the weather looks kindly on us."

The WAG day takes place on Sunday, May 7th at: Loudoun Castle in Jamieson Park, Newmilns, Scotland

* For more information about WAG’s Fun Day, please contact Ken McKie on 07950 146602 or 01555 860089

WAG wants your opinion

The consultation on the secondary legislation of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill is now under way. In this will be the licensing policy for those breeding and or selling dogs writes Ken McKie.

WAG have been involved in discussion with Animal Welfare Officers of Local Authorities. Those who are effective are looking for some means of being able to apply the legislation to those breaking the law. As it stands those breeding and selling dogs who do not meet the criteria requiring a licence for these activities cannot then be investigated or prosecuted for any offences often leaving those authorities willing to act unable to do so.

With that in mind WAG would ask the dog breeding public their opinions. This can be done via the web site, or via Our Dogs. The question is therefore should everyone breeding a litter require to be licensed?

For Against Don’t Know
WAG would also welcome comments from all.

WAG feels that this is a difficult question but it has to be asked. We know that the likelihood will be that those who are breaking the law now will continue to do so and the honest person will pay their license fee. However if the law was that all persons breeding dogs needed a license then when a problem does arise in the illegal premises then their would be no excuse from Local Authorities that they cannot act. Please take time to answer this question.