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Wales named as UK’s "cruelty blackspot"

THE COUNTRY that brought the world the Corgi and Welsh Springer has been revealed as a canine cruelty hotspot, with Wales accounting for 10% of all UK stray dog cases.

The RSPCA revealed harrowing tales of animal cruelty, a big problem that is plaguing Wales, in a recent TV documentary. RSPCA inspector Edwina Davidson, who covers the area between Abergavenny and Rhymney Valley recounted some of the most disturbing cases she has worked on during her time as an inspector in one of the UK's busiest areas for the charity.

Figures collected by Dogs Trust paint a similar story, 11,433 stray dogs were collected in Wales last year - an average of around 30 every day - accounting for 10% of the UK total.

The problem has been linked with the rise in social deprevation in the area. Inspector Davidson 36, said during the documentary. "This area unfortunately has a very high prosecution case load compared to the rest of the country," said Inspector Davidson. "It comes with built-up areas and social deprivation. There's not much money around, so when animals develop a problem they aren't taken to the vets - they're a low priority. But you can't be soppy about animals to do this job. There's no point in getting emotional and involved in the things you see. But you do have to care about animal welfare.

"There's only ever been one case that I've lost sleep over and that's still ongoing. The person charged has pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal under the Protection of Animals Act. The owner had locked his dog in what was basically a cupboard and the poor thing starved to death. I was the one that had to investigate and clear the scene. It was harrowing.

"You could see on the walls where the dog had tried to get out and eaten away at because he was so hungry. It makes me really sad when I think about the suffering that poor dog went through. I don't often get so involved (emotionally) but I still find it difficult looking at the pictures."