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Greyhound Awareness Week

THE LEADING Greyhound welfare organisation Greyhound Action has announced plans for the Greyhound Awareness Week 2006, which takes place between May 20th and 27th.

Greyhound Awareness Week gives an opportunity for all those concerned about the plight of greyhounds to educate the public about the death of many dogs caused by the greyhound racing industry.

Spokesman Tony Peters said: ‘With a large enough boycott by ordinary people, the industry can be brought to its knees and the suffering and untimely death of thousands of greyhounds prevented.’

Street stalls, demonstrations outside greyhound tracks, betting shop pickets and other events will be taking place throughout the country. Anyone who wishes to take part should contact Greyhound Action for leaflets, posters, petition forms etc. Tel: 01562 700 043. Website: