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KC concern over Dogue de Bordeaux Club of GB

THE KENNEL Club has issued a warning shot across the bows of the Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Great Britain at a recent meeting of the General Committee.

Stressing that the Kennel Club is ‘primarily concerned with promoting the breed in the best possible manner, safeguarding its health and welfare’, the following directives were issued to the club:

a. That the Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Great Britain is advised that the Committee is concerned at the level of intervention that has been required in recent months and that, unless there is a clear improvement, the General Committee may well be minded to approve and register a second breed club should an application for such be received.

b. That the club must satisfactorily resolve its internal difficulties, reinstate any member who has been disenfranchised and treat all membership applications fairly and consistently.

c. The club must conduct its administration and hold all of its events strictly in accordance with Kennel Club Regulations.

d. The club must submit the minutes of its committee meetings until further notice.

e. The club must submit a written undertaking to abide by the above directives.