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City farm to shoot sheep worrying dogs

STAFF AT a city farm in South London have been told they can legally shoot dogs dead if they are caught worrying sheep.

Dog owners have been warned to keep their pets on leads after three sheep were killed and another injured in the past few weeks at Woodlands Farm Trust, in Shooters Hill.

Farm manager Cheryl Cherepanov said: "We don't want to shoot people's pets. We just want people to respect the signs that are all around the farm to keep their dogs on leads. Last year we lost a ewe and her two lambs, which was devastating.

"Chairman of the farm’s trustees, Barry Gray, said many people didn't realise the farm was not public land. "People think it's a park and their dogs can be let off the lead. While we are happy for people to come and enjoy the farm, they need to be aware of the other animals we have and treat them with respect.

"We are bending over backwards to be accommodating but there is a hard core of people who continue to let their dogs run free."

He said it would be hard to fence the 90-acre farm off, but if attacks continued it might be the only option left.