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IKC pitches for 2009 euro show

LAST WEEK Dublin was the chosen target for the camera crew who are making the presentation for the Irish Kennel Club’s submission to the FCI to host the European Champions Show in 2009.

The day was cool, grey and misty with the occasional downpour but the enthusiasm of the photographers was not dampened as they filmed away from dawn until dusk. The many attractions of the city and the means of travelling to it were covered with film of ferries arriving and departing, planes landing and taking off and the more famous of our national sights and dog friendly venues.

The National Show Centre at Cloghran, by the Airport, was visited and dogs from the Irish Native Breeds were filmed - the Glen of Imaal proving to be a natural when it came to posing in an appeal way, in other words begging! Agility tests were demonstrated and the showgrounds complete with its hardworking tractor were featured. In the afternoon Ronnie Drew was filmed at Jury’s Hotel in Ballsbridge and the Glen of Imaal again starred in a shot of Ronnie and the dog leaving The Dubliner’s Bar.

The day ended with an interview with Mary O’Rourke, Leader of the Senate, in the Government Buildings.