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Obituary - Olive Tripcony

There can have been few couples who took such an interest in Border terriers, who worked so hard on behalf of their Club and the breed in general, and who were so generous in the help they gave to everyone who shared their interest in the breed than Olive and Seth Tripcony. Yet they never set themselves up as experts. Seth was a talented woodcarver who also produced the first illustrated standard of the breed. Olive was the Secretary of the Northern Border Terrier Club for a number of years. They produced two home bred champions: Cyron Corona, one of the best bitches to grace the ring, and Jimmy Trip.

Sadly Seth died some years ago but Olive died a few days ago just short of her 96th birthday. To the end, and in spite of her own troubles, she remained a lively, kindly and cheerful raconteur and will always be remembered by us for correspondence we exchanged and for her pithy comments the prime one being “as old fashioned as tea”. Just a few months ago Olive was still regularly attending ring training classes, travelling by bus with her handbag under one arm and her dog under the other. She was an expert knitter, a baker of the most delicious confections, and an expert gardener.

Judges who have given an exhibitor their first CC remain special if only for that reason but Olive was special among her many friends with whom she continued to correspond. She gave Stonekite Charisma of Clipstone her first CC in 1987, the first CC winner and first champion handled by Elspeth.

To her son David and her grandchildren, Karen and Tracy, we and all those who had the privilege to have known this remarkable lady send our heartfelt condolences.

Olive passed away in her sleep and was laid to rest at South Shields Crematorium.

Jean and Elspeth Jackson