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The Princess Royal opens KC exhibition

Last week Her Royal Highness The princess Royal officially opened the Royal Dogs exhibition at the Kennel Club. She spent time enjoying the great collection, and the assembled audience were delighted when she told the story of her first dog ‘Sherry’, who descended from two of the Corgis featured, Susan and Sugar (grandmother and mother respectively).

Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club said "The subject of royal dogs is one of great interest to many people. The royal family has been known for their love of dogs for hundreds of years and this connection has had an immense impact on society. Her Majesty the Queen is Patron of the Kennel Club and this display pays tribute to these dogs and their royal owners, who throughout the years have been an inspiration to dog owners all over the world. It has been an enormous pleasure to have The Princess Royal officially open the exhibition."

Visitors will be able to see portraits of royal dogs from Queen Victoria’s reign onwards. The Kennel Club Art Gallery is open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm by appointment.