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Do you know Molly?

Molly in a happier state now that she is being cared for.

A BREED Rescue is appealing for help with identifying a possibly stolen dog that has come into their care.

Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue have recently taken on a Springer bitch – now christened Molly – who was found abandoned not far from a site formerly occupied by travellers in the Bristol area.

Molly is approximately 4 to 6 years old and has been bred from several times, a member of the rescue told us. “She has a few issues too. She has not been used to a domestic environment and, although she is friendly, she craves attention, and scrambles up onto your lap, or pushes her face into yours – she is desperate for attention. She is not housetrained, although we are working on that, along with her attention problem. She’s very eager to please, although if you make any sudden moves or raise your hands in the wrong way, she rolls over and cowers – so I suspect she has been beaten a great deal in the past.”

Rhyannon wonders whether Molly may have been stolen, and the Rescue will be pleased to hear from anyone who can accurately identify Molly and provide some proof as to where and when she was stolen. She was not microchipped or tattooed, nor wearing a collar and ID tag when she was found. Alternatively, she may have been bought as a puppy and simply used as a ‘breeding machine’ for ‘cash crop’ puppies. Her details have appeared on the Doglost UK website, but so far no-one has come forward to claim her.

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