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Staffy left tied to tree

A STAFFORDSHIRE bull terrier was slowly being strangled after it was tied to a tree with a metal chain, RSPCA inspectors have revealed.

By the time the female terrier was discovered in woodland in Sheffield she had been struggling to get free and the chain had tightened to such an extent that she had wounds around her neck and the pressure had caused blood vessels behind her eyes to burst. She survived only after a member of the public found her on woodland off Langsett Road in north Sheffield and called in the council's animal control service.

She had no collar or microchip and it is believed the chain had been deliberately fastened to tighten in the way that it had.

She is currently being cared for in the charity's animal shelter in Sheffield, but will be offered for adoption in a few days' time. RSPCA inspector Damian Woolliscroft said she would either have starved or choked to death if left alone for much longer. "If anyone has any information about who may once have owned this dog, I urge them to contact the RSPCA immediately," he said.

Officers can be contacted on the RSPCA cruelty and advice line, telephone 0870 5555 999.