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Caledonian show huge success

President of the Canadian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club and top dog judge Mrs ‘Mike’ Macbeth, left, gets to grips with the winner in the Best Post Graduate category, Dentgate Royal Approval, under the watchful eye of owner Mrs G. Denham, of Langleydale.

The Caledonian Dandie Dinmont championship Show in Kelso has been described as a ‘fantastic success’.

In what is thought to have been the largest gathering of Dandie Dinmont Terriers this year outside of Crufts, 54 dogs competed and over 200 visitors attended the show, no mean feat for a show in Scotland.

Organisers had hoped that the event would mark a turning point for the Dandies after a rapid decline in the number of breeders and problems caused by the small gene pool, the breed.

However, with high attendance at Sunday's Tait Hall show signifying considerable new interest in the breed, the foundations seem in place to secure the future of the Dandie Dinmont, giving event organisers cause to be relieved.

Secretary of the Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club (CDDTC), Keith Derry, described the reaction from visitors at seeing so many Dandies in one place as "fantastic". He said: "The most pleasing thing from my point of view was the reception given to the Dandies by visitors. It's shown an awful lot of people what Dandies are and why we should do our utmost to protect their future."

Specially-engraved whisky glasses were presented to three new champions and, to mark the significance of this year's event, the CDDTC unveiled a number of limited-edition stamps and envelopes which had been hand-franked and signed by the judges.

British-born Canadian judge Mrs ‘Mike’ Macbeth awarded the DCC and BOB to Jamieson and Buist’s Ch Inzievar Silver Gilt and the BCC to Cameron’s Inzievar Silver Bonnet.

Hilary Cheyne, PO for the Club told OUR DOGS: “CDDTC decided to use their Championship Show as a springboard to raise the public's awareness of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and to promote ownership of the Breed to new sections of the public.

“A very successful press campaign resulted in an articles and pictures in The Scotsman and the Scottish Daily Express which were picked up by the Scottish local press (primarily The Souther Reporter but syndicated Scotland wide) and radio (Borders Radio) which gave massive publicity to the vulnerable state of the Dandie Dinmont which is part of Scotland's heritage.

“The CDDTC welcomed approximately 200 members of the general public to their event at the Tait Hall, Kelso: 25% people who had owned or known a Dandie Dinmont in the past and wanted to renew their acquaintance. 25% families interested in a Dandie as a pet 30% couples age range 45 - 60 interested in the breed and 20% Dandie owners (non show) or people just about to get a Dandie.

“All had seen the event in the press or heard the radio announcements. The most common comment from the public referred to the vulnerable state of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier (33 puppies registered with the KC in the first half of 2006) and was "We never realised ...".

“Everyone was met and welcomed by a Dandie Breeder with a Dandie available for 'cuddling' and invited into the Show with no charge.

“It was the largest gathering of Dandie Dinmonts in Scotland for many years but also possibly the largest gathering of Top Dandie Breeders too - Cloverwood, Glahms, Vistca, Inzievar to name a few. ... all of whom were available to chat to the public.

“An excellent Judge, a superb entry of show dogs, interested, friendly visitors and a very hard-working Committee made what would have been 'just another Breed Championship Show' into a very special event that contributed massively to the 'master plan' of ensuring the Dandie Dinmont Terriers' survival.”