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Don’t let your dog fall prey to thieves

Thousands of people claim to have fallen victim to having their dog stolen, according to research by Sainsbury’s Bank. It is a growing problem with the media reporting new cases of ‘dog-napping’ on a regular basis.

But what can pet owners do to help safeguard their animal from being snatched and what role can pet insurance play?

Dog owners should be aware of the dangers and take necessary safety measures. Thieves target every type of pet, not just pedigrees. However, there are many precautions that dog owners can take to protect their pets against theft. These vary from ensuring the pet wears a collar and pet identification tag, having the pet micro-chipped, avoiding leaving a dog tied up when outside a shop or leaving it anywhere unattended, choosing a reputable dog walker and varying the routes where you walk your dog.

As well as these precautions it is also important for dog owners to have good quality pet insurance in place for their animal. The Bank’s research indicates that many stolen pets are never reunited with their owners. Indeed around 47% of people, who said they had suffered from this crime, never saw their beloved dog or cat again. Despite these distressing findings, many victims may find that their pet insurance policy will offer little or no support, with around 27% of all pet insurance policies offering no reward for the return of lost or stolen dogs.

As part of its insurance cover Sainsbury’s Bank offers up to £1,000 towards the advertising costs for a lost dog and up to £750 in compensation if the pet is lost or stolen and not returned.

Through a partnership with Missing Pets Bureau, the Bank also offers pet owners FREE pet ID tags that link to microchips and DNA identification. Sainsbury’s Bank pet insurance premiums for dogs start from just £7 a month.