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KC collar ban campaign wins more support

Following the success of the Kennel Club’s presence at the Labour Party Conference, the Kennel Club External Affairs Department attended the Conservative Party Conference in Bournemouth last Tuesday at the invitation of Conservative Animal Welfare.

The Kennel Club demonstrated to MPs and delegates the barbaric electric shock collar and there was unanimous agreement that the electric shock collar was not only painful but was also cruel and unnecessary. Below are comments from several MPs who were brave enough to be shocked by the collar at one third of its full power:

Richard Benyon MP: ‘That’s horrible. I’ve heard both arguments from my constituents, but that was certainly painful and as a dog owner I definitely would not use one.’

David Mundell MP: ‘That was very unpleasant. I would certainly not want to use that on my dog’.

Eleanor Laing MP: ‘Oh my goodness! That really hurt! Imagine if that was used on a dog’s neck.

That is positively cruel and I am disgusted. Why can’t people use traditional, positive training methods? I am a complete convert and will definitely be signing the EDM.’

Graham Stuart MP (who was not initially in favour of a total ban) said: ‘That felt really bad I have to say and gives you pause for thought. I’ve heard the arguments but I would be extremely reluctant to want to see an animal with that round its neck.’

Roger Gale MP: ‘This demonstration proves that the use of electric shock collars is not a satisfactory way to train an animal. I would like to see changes in the Animal Welfare Bill to outlaw these products.’

Mr Roger Baker, Joint Chairman of the Conservative Animal Welfare Group and a practising vet said: ‘I am horrified that electric shock collars are available. They should not be used on dogs in any circumstances. If you need this sort of cruelty to keep dogs under control then you shouldn’t own an animal.’

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: ‘The Kennel Club is heartened that so many MPs are in favour of a complete ban on electric shock collars. This shows that the issue of shock collars goes beyond party lines and that there is cross party support for a complete ban on their sale and use.

The Kennel Club is grateful to Conservative Animal Welfare and in particular Roger Gale MP, for allowing us to test the collar on him and his parliamentary colleagues’.

The Kennel Club would like readers to bring further pressure to bear on Defra and the government. To find out how you can get involved in the campaign please contact Laura Vallance or Holly Lee on 020 7518 1020 or

Alternatively download the electric shock collar surgery guide on how to lobby your MP from: