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Dogs Trust seek help in Freedom fostering

Volunteer pet foster carers are urgently needed to care for pets belonging to women fleeing domestic violence in Yorkshire

A new pet fostering service, The Freedom Project, launched by Dogs Trust in September has proved so successful the charity is appealing for new foster carers to keep up with the demand for the service.

The Freedom Project Yorkshire is an innovative pet fostering scheme for women entering refuges or temporary accommodation in the Yorkshire region. 

Many women are scared to leave a violent relationship if they have a pet, as the animal may be under threat from a violent partner, so women often stay in a violent situation because of fear for their pet.

The Freedom Project works by temporarily placing the dog at risk with a volunteer who will care for that dog in their own home until they can be safely reunited with their owner.

Dogs Trust need volunteers with experience of owning or looking after a dog. They must be available during the day to look after the dog and also be flexible in the kind of breeds they will foster. 

Becoming a foster carer offers companionship and the unconditional love that a dog can give; with the knowledge that you are helping women, children and dogs escape domestic violence. This is ideal for people who love dogs, but cannot commit long term to owning a dog.

There is no cost to the foster carer, as during the foster placement the Freedom Project provides all pet food and veterinary treatment free of charge. Freedom Project staff provide help and support, and monitor each placement on a regular basis.  Total anonymity is assured, both for women using this service and the foster carers.

For information regarding becoming a foster carer or to use this service contact the Freedom Project on 0800 083 4322, email or write to Dogs Trust Freedom Project Yorkshire, PO Box 280, Leeds, LS14 9BF.