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KC meet with French

Ronnie Irving welcomes Gérard Arthus

Senior representatives from the Kennel Club met with their French counterparts from the Société Centrale Canine recently to further the relationship between the two organisations.

The meeting, which took place at Clarges Street, involved informative discussions on a wide range of subjects affecting dog breeders and exhibitors in both countries and Europe as a whole.

Attendees at the meeting included Kennel Club Chairman, Ronnie Irving, Vice Chairman, Bill Hardaway, and Secretary, Caroline Kisko, alongside SCC President, Gérard Arthus, and Vice President, Jean Paul Petitdidier. The meeting represented the latest in a series of regular meetings with individual kennel clubs that have helped the Kennel Club form good relationships across Europe and beyond, and was conducted predominantly in French for the benefit of the visiting party.

The meeting placed particular emphasis on ways in which both clubs could lobby to counter anti-dog legislation in Europe, including concerns about the import, export and sale of cat and dog fur, the REACH chemical testing proposals and fireworks legislation. Other subjects covered during the day-long meeting included the further involvement of non-pedigree dogs in activities such as Agility, and it was heartening to find much common ground between the two clubs.

Both clubs advised of their latest work towards improving the health and welfare of dogs in their countries, such as health programmes, DNA profiling and testing schemes and permanent identification, as well as discussing trends in registration and show entries.

Said Ronnie Irving, Kennel Club Chairman: "This was an extremely positive meeting between two kennel clubs who clearly share a common desire to work towards the general improvement of dogs, both within their own borders and further afield. It was both refreshing and reassuring to talk about so many areas of mutual interest and concern, and to be able to discuss openly the most practical ways in which each organisation can achieve their aims and objectives."