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KC increases Belfast CC allocation

FOLLOWING CONSULTATION with the Belfast Dog Show Society over how its Challenge Certificates are allocated the Kennel Club has announced an increase in the number of CCs available to both Belfast and to the rest of the UK also.

The Kennel Club conducted detailed statistical research on the dogs exhibited at shows on the island of Ireland, and it became apparent that, due to the expanse of water between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the local breed population and show entries needed to be looked at in a completely different way. It has been agreed that a rather different mix of CCs than has previously been allocated to the Belfast Championship Show, would be more appropriate for all parties.

Representatives from the Belfast DSS held an extremely constructive meeting with the Kennel Club to discuss this issue, and a proposal put forward by the Kennel Club on the most appropriate breeds to be allocated CCs there, was subsequently accepted by the Belfast DSS committee.

The effect of this proposal is that Belfast show entry statistics will be excluded from the formula used to calculate the number of CCs available for allocation each year in the rest of the UK.

Therefore, in future, only the General Championship show entry figures for such shows held in England, Scotland and Wales will be used. In so doing the calculations will no longer be coloured by the lower entries received by the Belfast show which are inevitable due to the difficulties in crossing the Irish Sea.

The Kennel Club has agreed that CCs should be allocated to the Belfast Championship Show for all native Irish breeds which have championship status, and has recognised for CC status a different mix of breeds for which entries have been generally strong in Ireland. This has resulted in some extra sets of CCs becoming available to Belfast for 2009, and full details of this new allocation of CCs are included on the general and group championship show allocation chart in the October issue of the Kennel Gazette.

As Belfast’s entry statistics will no longer feature in the CC calculations for the rest of the United Kingdom, the CCs for breeds traditionally allocated to the Belfast Championship Show have all been re-allocated to shows on the UK mainland, thus increasing this number also. Where possible, breed club rotations have been cancelled, joint breed clubs’ championship shows will be offered and, following representation from breed clubs or councils, CCs have been restored to certain general championship shows. There has also been an emphasis on the number of re-allocations to general championship shows in the north of England and south of Scotland in an attempt to help areas which traditionally supported the Belfast show with entries and may have lost the opportunity to do so.

KC Chairman Ronnie Irving said: ‘We believe that this decision represents a beneficial situation for all concerned. By restructuring the Belfast Championship Show allocation, this will aid the Society in its continued efforts to attract more exhibitors and achieve a successful championship show.

The increased number of CCs released for elsewhere, also allows us to improve the situation for many other clubs and societies. While we can’t unfortunately meet everyone’s wishes, we have been able to cancel some rotations and give some breeds an allocation which is closer to what they have said they want.’

This development will be seen as a significant victory for Belfast, which has been lobbying for FULL status for about two years.