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KC urges calm in wake of tragedy

The Rottweiler: making the worst possible headlines this week

THE KENNEL Club this week called for a ‘measured response’ following the tragic death of a baby girl who was attacked by two Rottweilers in the living quarters of a Leicester public house.

Secretary Caroline Kisko expressed her deep sympathy for the family of five month old Caydee-Lee Glaze, who was dragged onto the roof of the pub by the dogs and died later in hospital from her injuries.

Ms Kisko said ‘Our sympathies are with the baby’s family after what has been a horrendous incident.

‘As far as the dogs are concerned we would counsel a measured response rather than an immediate reaction.’

The dogs, which were subsequently destroyed, were described by neighbouring residents as ‘very aggressive’. One resident said: ‘The dogs are known to be vicious. They are guard dogs.
They would stay on the roof during the day and whenever you walked past you got the feeling they could just jump down and attack you.

‘Everybody around here was petrified of them. The dogs were never allowed in the pub, they were kept upstairs in the living quarters.’

It is believed that the tragedy occurred when the dogs gained access to the baby’s bedroom after a fire door was accidentally left open whilst furniture was being moved.

Jannette Blunden, secretary of the Midlands Rottweiler Association, said: ‘Without knowing all the details of this case, it goes without saying that children should never be left alone with any breed of dog. Rottweilers are big and powerful, so when something goes wrong the effects can be tragic.’

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko stressed: ‘The Kennel Club continues to work with the Metropolitan police and others on the review of the Dangerous Dogs Act while at the same time promoting the education of dog owners and children through both the Safe and Sound and Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

‘The importance of training and education cannot be overstressed and we are lobbying the government to consider financing for education of both dog owners and non dog owners alike.

‘The Kennel Club schemes provide an excellent basis for this education but with government funding and support we could reach a far greater audience.’

Call for curbs on dogs

Inevitably, in the reporting of the tragedy, many national newspapers stated that the child’s killing was the latest in a long line of recent dog attacks, which they then proceeded to list. Some of the newspapers and other ‘experts’ demanded a toughening up of dog control laws, such as the Dangerous Dogs Act, with several calling for Rottweilers to be added to the list of so-called ‘dangerous’ breeds.