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Canaan Dog SGM

The British Canaan Dog Society (proposed) held an SGM prior to their AGM on 17th March to discuss the future of the breed in the UK.

The club, though not yet registered with the Kennel Club, does follow their guidelines for registered societies.

The SGM, which was very well supported by the club's members, resulted in a unanimous conclusion that the society would continue its good work in its education programme, preservation and promotion of the breed. It was strongly felt that there is a "niche" for this society who is dedicated to the "betterment and benefit of the breed".

The outgoing Chairman, Mrs Mary MacPhail, stated ‘The society is very positive in its aims and direction in which the breed should be taken’.

Jill Terry was voted in as the new chairman, Hazel Braddock remains the treasurer. Anne Barclay, the secretary can be contacted on