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Europeans invade Dartford!

BIS was Mr and Mrs Nicholls’ Akita, Ch Shyllar Got It Show It,
pictured here with the judge Vladimir Urazhevski and secretary, Mrs Donna Brandon

THEY CAME from all over: Russia, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Holland, Finland, Germany and Jersey! Why? To judge at the Dartford CS show on January 28th, of course! writes Bob Brampton
The Dartford committee certainly deserve a pat on the back for trying something new this year, and assembling a new group of overseas judges for their fresh opinions. The BIS judge was none other than the President of the Russian Kennel Club, Vladimir Urazhevski. He is no stranger to these shores however, but he had never been south of Birmingham!

From Ireland came Jackie and Andrea Stubb’s and Chris Laverty (none of them strangers to the mainland); Francesco Cochetti who has been to the UK once, as had Lisa Goodall from Jersey. It was, however, a first time experience for Anita Bruun from Sweden, Kristy Leest from Holland, Vladimir Uvarov from Russia, Tuula Lehtinen from Finland and Ute Szabo from Germany.

As some secretaries know, it’s not an easy job to arrange flights and drivers - from three different airports - but it all went smoothly and all arrived safely and on time. On the Saturday evening before the show, everyone gathered at the Hilton Hotel, Maidstone for the welcome dinner, an occasion of much doggy talk. Most of the judges had never met before, but you would never have known.

The show opened on the Sunday morning with the presentation of the judges to the exhibitors - to much applause - after which all the judges went to their respective rings to start judging.
Despite the fact that there were three other shows plus a couple of club shows, the committee was very pleased with the entry of 534 dogs making 1,171 entries.

Vladimir Urazhevski had drawn a wonderful 315 entries in three breeds and his variety classes, and all of the other judges had nice size entries. A couple of breeds worthy of mention are the Chihuahuas - who had one of the largest gatherings in the Kent area for many years (50), for Kristy Leest to go over, and the Whippets were also well supported (30) for Jackie Stubbs and Boxers (28) for Andrea.

From this large entry the overall winner was Nicholls’ Akita, Ch Shyllar Got It Show It, with the nod for the Reserve spot going to Covington’s Cocker Spaniel, Molkara Allegiance to Silverdust. On to Best Puppy and Vladimir awarded top spot to Mrs Coates Pug, Myojo President and Reserve to Nicholls’ Akita Shyllar Seize the Day.

Dartford had truly gone ‘continental’