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Dr Jeff Sampson honoured by charity


The annual Blue Cross Welfare Award has been presented to Dr Jeff Sampson BSc.Dphil, (left) Genetics Co-ordinator and head of the Kennel Club’s Health and Information department.
Dr Sampson was chosen by the pet charity to receive the award in recognition of his work improving the health and well being of future generations of dogs. Thanks to Dr Sampson’s work, many inherited diseases in dogs - which were life threatening only decades ago - can now be controlled.

Mr Bill King, a Governor of The Blue Cross, presented the award during the Petplan Award ceremony at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress last week.

Bill King said: ‘Over a long and dedicated career, Dr Sampson has made a valuable contribution to the understanding and control of inherited diseases in dogs. His work has done much to raise the profile of canine genetics and has helped to improve health of dogs across the country.’
A keen dog owner, Dr Sampson has kept Schipperkes for many years.