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Council approves licence despite complaints

The news that East Ayrshire Council Licensing Committee has again approved a licence to an alleged puppy farm, despite complaints, was received with stunned silence and then anger.
The licence for Hillbank Kennels was up for renewal despite allegations that the applicant had declared themselves bankrupt! Further there are unconfirmed reports of a large number of complaints yet these were also ignored.

Ken McKie on behalf of WAG said ‘To say we were surprised at this turn of events is the biggest understatement ever. The operator of these premises had allegedly failed to pay a refund to a customer by allegedly declaring themselves bankrupt but then apply to continue to run a business. It was our impression that a bankrupt could not obtain credit, hold a cheque account or operate a business and the council is now supporting this. Why do Councils ignore issues such as complaints?

‘We will be highlighting this to the voters of East Ayrshire Council and make sure they remember those who appeared to support this.’