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Essex team needs more dog handlers

Although their first display was over 25 years ago, the popularity of the Essex Dog Display Team has never waned. It seems that both the public and show organisers cannot get enough of this internationally renowned team.

They have received so many requests to appear at events throughout the British Isles in this coming year that they now need to recruit more team members to cope with the demand. Each team member is a volunteer and very dedicated. They travel throughout the British Isles in their specially converted coach, attending major events and demonstrating many aspects of dog training, all based on responsible dog ownership.

Their success has been amazing to say the least. A vast amount of television programmes, most major county shows, The Royal Tournament and eleven years at Cruft’s are just some of the events they have attend over the years and this makes them the most successful dog display team in Europe.

Display Team director, Roy Dyer said ‘this is a great hobby, even if you have never been involved with dogs before, no experience is necessary, we can give all the training required. Enthusiasm and commitment is very important. If you have a dog and it is not particularly well trained its not a problem or if you have a very well trained dog that’s equally OK. If you haven’t got a dog at all, you could still become a dog handler or an equipment person or even one of our ‘criminals’ for the highly trained attack dogs’.

Ideally, you should be between 14 - 60 years old, male or female and have most weekends free between May and September and live within about 20 mile radius of Brentwood.

If you are interested and would like to know more please contact Roy Dyer on 01277-226624
or e-mail