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Thank You..

Pets As Therapy would like to offer a huge ‘thank you’ to all those exhibitors who have sent unwanted rosettes for the Pets As Therapy re-cycling appeal.

The rosettes are re-centered and used for all sorts of events held in aid of the Charity, sponsored dog walks, Companion dog shows etc. They save the Charity funds and help in the continuance of the service Pets As Therapy provides to Hospitals, Hospices, Residential Homes, Day Care Centres, Special Needs Schools and many other establishments.

Please continue to send unwanted rosettes to Pets As Therapy, (Rosette Appeal)
P.O. Box 11, Stanley, Co. Durham. DH9 7YZ.

If you would like further information on Pets As Therapy please ring 01844-345445 or go to the website to see the Pets As Therapy film on the home page scroll down to ‘Media’ and click ‘film’.

Maureen Hennis
Chief Executive
Pets As Therapy