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Value of UK petfood market revised

A series of new reports have been released which revises earlier historical valuations of the UK cat food and dog food markets for year 2006.

Previous figures released by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, (PFMA) set the UK market value of dry, moist, mixer and treats for cats and dogs at £1589.0 million, roughly a 2.5% increase on 2005. Now, in its Snapshot Report: UK Pet Food 2007, the UK based market research company Snapdata resets that valuation to £1615.1 million, a 3.8% increase on the previous year.

Snapshot predicts that by 2011, the UK dog food market will be at 790.1 (000) tonnes in volume. The PFMA puts the current consumption value, (including dog treats) rather lower at 765 (000) tonnes, (2006), which if all is equal, would represent a modest 3.2% increase over the five year period.

Unsurprisingly Snapdata puts Whiskas , Felix and Kit-E-Kat among the major players in the 2007 cat food market. In July the PFMA reported a 2% growth in wet cat food and no growth or 2006 in the dry cat food markets.