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Mr Ken Ridings - Kalancho

Our breed has lost a true gentleman: quiet and honest with a keen eye for a beautiful dog.
Ken lived with his sister Dora and together they travelled around the country showing their Dobes and often staying at the show campsites.

Ken, who just recently became an honorary member of North of England Dobermann Club, always supported the club showing at our shows and if not, always supporting our events. Enjoying the judging, the dogs, and the refreshments!

Ken and Dora along with their dad have bred Dobes for many years and have produced some very beautiful animals. Their dog Kalancho Cavalier won 2RCC’s in his career in the early 80’s which were the heyday of the Dobermann, with classes of 30 plus being the norm!

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful bitch from them and their late dad in 1979. She was definitely a showstopper. They always followed her career whilst I showed her. So close was the bond Ken had with his pups that at the age of 11 years she could pick him out across a crowded show hall.

Ken was a rare gem in dog breeding and showing and it was a privilege to have known him.

Beverley Barber
(Vice Chairman North of England Dobermann Club)

Barbara Pugh - a tribute

I am sorry to report the death of Barbara Pugh on 14th January.

Barbara and her husband James started showing and breeding standard smooth haired dachshunds in the 1950s. Several champions later they added miniature smooth haired, again very successfully, then along came miniature longs carrying the Tarkotta affix. It was an achievement to have champions in three varieties.

The dogs were Barbara’s main hobby, managed along with her career as a nursing sister at the local hospital. She also found time to become involved in Guide Dogs For The Blind and served on their committee for many years.

Many dachshund showgoers will remember Barbara’s array of cups at Dachshund Club shows of which she was a long serving committee member and cup secretary.

Barbara was active with showing, breeding and boarding (dachshunds only) kennels until the 1990’s, when she had a series of small strokes. Sadly she had a major stroke in 1999 and spent her later years in a Nursing Home, as she was unable to care for herself.

She was one of the old school, always charming and ready with advice.

Pamela Poulter