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Wiltshire launches consultation on Dog Control

DOG OWNERS from West Wiltshire could be faced with tough new dog control measures this summer.

West Wiltshire District Council is about to start a 56-day period of consultation on proposals.

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 introduced the concept of dog control orders as a streamlined replacement for using byelaws.

If adopted later in the year, the proposed West Wiltshire orders will cover:

Fouling of land by dogs and the removal of dog faeces - on all open land where the public have access. This includes three areas of common land in Broughton Gifford parish, the open space and car park at Westbury White Horse and cemeteries and churchyards. Land comprising woodland, marsh or agricultural land is not included.

The exclusion of dogs from land - applies to all enclosed children's play areas and specifically to the Bulkington play area.

Principal environmental health officer Graham Steady said: ‘We need to balance the interests of those in charge of dogs against the interests of those affected by the activities of dogs.’

The formal consultation begins on Friday of this week. It is expected that West Wiltshire District Council's Cabinet will be asked to consider the results in April, with a view to full Council confirming the order in June. The new powers would then come into effect from 1 August.

The District Council’s planned course of action is similar to many similar dog control bylaws being enacted or considered by other council and local authorities across the UK, again using legislation provided for in the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act.

For further information, log on to West Wiltshire District Council’s website: