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Kennel Club GCDS & KC Dog awards

The KC Dog Recognition Award for ‘a national authority which has made a positive impact to help improve the lives of dogs and their owners’ went to the Forestry Commission for its work with the Kennel Club to promote access to the countryside and responsible dog ownership.

On Friday 2nd February, the Kennel Club held its Good Citizen Dog Scheme and KC Dog awards ceremony at its headquarters in London.

The awards are held in recognition of the significant contribution made by members from both the schemes, as they rely on member activity to promote and champion their causes of responsible dog ownership and the rights of all dog owners.

The KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) is the largest dog training programme in the UK, and promotes responsible dog ownership through training which ultimately provides socially acceptable dogs in terms of behaviour, which in turn enhances society’s attitude towards dogs.

KC Dog, the Kennel Club dog owners group, was established to help dog owners protect themselves by keeping participants informed about local policies that may affect their rights.

The presentations were made by Bill Hardaway, Vice Chairman of the Kennel Club, and were followed by a congratulatory lunch reception at the Kennel Club in Piccadilly, and a tour of the headquarters.

The categories for nomination in the GCDS Awards were:

KC Registered Training Clubs

KC GCDS Listed Status Organisations (including Adult Education Centres, Agricultural Colleges, and Armed Forces Training Clubs)

KC Registered Breed Club, KC Registered General Canine Club, KC Registered Ringcraft Club

Local Council Category

i) Most Innovative Campaign ii) Most Effective Campaign

KC Dog was launched at Crufts 2006, and therefore this is its first awards ceremony.
The categories for KC Dog Awards were;

The Local Authority Award – presented to one of the local authorities that participates in KC Dog and which members feel has successfully consulted with the public on dog issues

KC Dog Campaigner Award – two awards presented to KC Dog participants who have contributed to KC Dog’s success by being actively involved with issues at a local and national level.

KC Dog MP Award – presented to an MP who has been supportive of KC Dog.

KC Dog Recognition Award – presented to a national authority which has made a positive impact to help improve the lives of dogs and their owners.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said; ‘We are really pleased to reward these particularly proactive and involved members with their well deserved trophies, for setting an example in responsible dog ownership. This is a particularly special awards ceremony, as this is the first year that KC Dog participants have been involved in the presentation.’

Since its launch at Crufts 2006, KC Dog has greatly improved the effectiveness of the communication between local authorities and responsible dog owners. The continued success of KC Dog relies on the invaluable information provided by participants. And with a membership base growing rapidly, there will be a 1000th member photocall opportunity at Crufts, for that lucky new member!