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Pets As Therapy Stakes classes

Pets As Therapy Stakes Classes are now scheduled by over 19 Championship and Open Shows throughout the UK and Jersey. They are an excellent way for supporters of the Charity to raise the profile of, as well as giving their support to, Pets As Therapy.

The rules of competition for entering the Stakes Classes are that the owner or owners of the dog (if the dog is owned in partnership) must be Supporters of Pets As Therapy and the dog must be entered in a breed class (if one is provided by the Society) or AVNSC before they can be entered into the Pets As Therapy Stakes Class. The dogs themselves do not necessarily have to be PAT dogs. All fees for the Stakes Classes are kept by the host Society.

Pets As Therapy sponsors, Hilife generously donate £25 to the winner of each heat of the Stakes Classes (if a Society holds their show over more than one day – then the Stakes Class will be scheduled on each day of the show).

The winners of each of these heats are automatically invited to compete in our Pets As Therapy Show Dog of the Year competition held annually at our Celebration of Top Dogs which for the last two years has been held in the prestigious surroundings of the Palace Hotel in Buxton Derbyshire. At that event all the heat winners will be presented with their prize money of £25.

The competition is run similarly to a dog show where the dogs from all the heats are judged by a well-know all-rounder and culminates in the selection a winner and runner up, who both receive a piece of crystal, commemorative certificates and prize money.

For a list of both Championship and Open Shows who are scheduling Pets As Therapy Stakes Classes for 2007 please contact our Operations Manager – Terry Pearson on 01388 517 300 or by email For further information on becoming a Supporter of Pets As Therapy contact Mel Davis on 01844 345445 or