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Dog Warden condemns owners

BRADFORD’S SENIOR dog warden has condemned the owners of a pit bull-type dog that attacked a woman.

Terry Singh said the people who had allowed their dog to escape or deliberately released it were irresponsible' and had placed the public in danger.

The animal has now been put down, seven days after being seized by Bradford Council's dog warden service in Odsal, Bradford.

Mr Singh said the animal had attacked another dog and bitten the owner as it roamed in Rookes Avenue.

‘We received a telephone call regarding a dangerous dog running amok,’ he said. ‘It jumped in a garden and attacked another dog. The owner came out to prevent it from attacking her dog and was bitten in the process.

‘When we arrived and seized the dog it was apparent the dog was, in our opinion, of the pit bull terrier type.’

He said the dog was kept for seven days as a stray, yet no owner came forward to claim it. The animal was taken to a Bradford veterinary practice where it was put down as being a specific breed named under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Mr Singh said the case had saddened him, particularly since the Act prevented a new home being found for the dog.

‘It makes us angry. We are unfortunately picking up the pieces due to irresponsible dog ownership,’ he said. ‘If people have a dog, it should be for life, not just for convenience. The dog is becoming the victim.’

He said it remained unclear why the dog was roaming the streets.

He said: ‘It's very difficult to know the circumstances, but what we don't want to see is people dumping these sort of dogs which are a potential hazard to the public.

‘If anyone has a dangerous dog and is concerned or wants advice then please contact the dog warden service.’