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Owners travel over 1,000 miles in search of stolen Ella

A COUPLE from Crowle, North Lincolnshire have clocked up more than 1,000 miles in a desperate search for the pet dog they fear has been stolen.

Dave and Shirley Harrison's 12-month-old liver and white Springer Spaniel Ella is thought have been snatched to order after the door of her kennel was forced.

Since the dog's disappearance 11 weeks ago, a picture and her details have appeared on missing dog sites on the Internet and in magazines and newspapers.

Mr and Mrs Harrision have travelled as far as Mansfield, Nottingham, Burton-on-Trent and Leicester in their quest to find her.

So far all efforts have drawn a blank but the couple say they have not given up hope of being reunited with the missing pet, who is part-trained as a gundog.

Mr Harrison said: ‘We've been all over the place looking for her - sometimes following leads from other people or just hunches and we've even had a couple of calls that turned out to be hoaxes, which is disappointing.

‘We are absolutely devastated by the loss of Ella. She is such a wonderful little dog, She was so playful and always had something in her mouth: a slipper, a toy, a ball or a bone.

‘It's terrible not knowing what's happened to her but we're going to keep looking. We've put up a £1,000 reward for information leading to her recovery.’

Ella is thought to have been taken from the couple's home in Godnow Road, Crowle, some time between 1pm and 4pm on November 28 last year.

Neighbours saw a white F registered white transit van with a silver stripe down the middle in the area and it is feared the vehicle may have been used to carry her off.

Doncaster-based missing pet website DogLost is co-ordinating the hunt for Ella and has received a string of messages from well-wishers keen to see her back at home with her worried owners.

A DogLost spokesman said: ‘Springers are one of the most popular breeds for theft. They are useful little working dogs and are either sold on or used for breeding. In this case, Ella has been spayed so we expect she has been sold on. Sadly, dog theft is a rapidly growing crime and despite the devastating impact on their owners, the police treat the crime as theft of property.

‘This is unlikely to have been an impulse crime, so this white van may have been seen in the Crowle area in the days leading up to the theft on Tuesday 28 November.

‘Anyone having any knowledge of Ella's whereabouts should call DogLost on (01302) 743361 or contact their local police station.’