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CAW calls for compulsory microchipping

CONSERVATIVE ANIMAL Welfare has called for all dogs and cats to be microchipped ‘as a matter of course’, stating that there are ‘clear advantages of microchipping cats and dogs in terms of both the well- being of the animals and the relief of owners is just one aspect of the procedure.’

CAW say that the microchipping of cats and dogs is the only reliable method of establishing a clear link between a pet and its owner, although they seem unaware of the proven reliability of tattooing altogether and fail to mention this in their prepared statement.

CAW’s statement goes on to say: ‘Permanent identification has clear implications with particular relevance to disputed ownership of pets and more importantly in establishing the responsible person for a particular animal. Whilst CAW has, for many years, been reserved at the idea of calling for the compulsory microchipping of cats and dogs we now feel that this would be appropriate as part of a full review of animal welfare.

‘CAW acknowledges some of the better points of the new Animal Welfare Act but is extremely disappointed at the government’s abdication from supplying either funding for enforcement or training for the enforcement of this piece of legislation.

‘Recent news stories of dangerous dogs illegally owned, of lost pets reunited with their owners after long periods as a result of microchip identification and of individuals being found with a large number of cats or dog being kept in terrible conditions has persuaded CAW that as far as cats and dogs are concerned, the time has come to insist that all pet cats and dogs should be microchipped.

‘It is hoped, particularly, that every veterinary surgery in the UK will take this fact on board and "chip" every new client that they take on as a matter of course.’