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Vets set up Helpline

PETER HEATHCOTE of Budget Vets commented on the practice’s plans to set up a helpline and organise a seminar to help dog owners during the current panic:

‘2007 has started in the most awful way for dogs after the horrific attack on a little girl by a banned breed. Since that tragic day dozens of family pets that have never so much as snarled at anyone have been destroyed or abandoned. I cannot describe to you how awful it is to hold a healthy friendly dog as it wags its tail and is then injected with an overdose of anaesthetic for simply being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross breed.’

’As a veterinary surgery we have witnessed the massive increase in the workload of dedicated and caring rescue centres such as Hope rescue operated by a committed band of volunteers who work tirelessly to find dogs new caring homes for the remainder of their lives.

’Budget Vets were recently presented with the Business Commitment to the Community of Wales by the Chambers of Commerce. I feel as a partner it is our duty to provide free impartial and most importantly accurate advice to people who are concerned about their dog’s behaviour.’

* Budget vets have set up a dedicated mobile phone line offering people free impartial confidential advice on caring for their dog. This line is staffed from 08.30 am to 18.00 Monday to Friday. (number available from 8th January 2007) Email

* On Sunday 28th January at 52 Somerset St, Abertillery NP13 1DL Budget Vets have organised a free seminar on dog behaviour at 12 noon with respected dog behaviourist John Bills of Gelert dog training a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers who will give a presentation and then answer any questions from the audience.

* Budget Vets can be contacted on: 01633 855825 or 01495 321944

Primary Contact Peter Heathcote Partner / Clinic Director
Senior Partner / Veterinary Surgeon Katherine Heathcote BVM&S MRCVS