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Obituary - Marjorie Jarosz

Marjorie was my dear friend for over 40 years. We became acquainted when I moved to Hertfordshire with my Beagles.

I was introduced to her beautiful Irish Setters, including the trialers Lichen and Grouse, and initiated into the correct pronunciation of 'Lichen'. Our sons, both aged seven, stood by thoroughly bored while we chatted about matings, puppies and shows. We remained firm friends even when I left to live abroad; we just took up where we had left off.

Marjorie was always fun to be with but she had a serious side and would offer sound advice. With her unbounded energy she loved showing her Setters but latterly she had to rely on friends to handle her dogs, which they did generously.

She was always ready for a party. One memory of her is after Leeds 2006, when I called in to give her the day's results and she met me at the door. ‘Come on dear, we're going to a party’. So we bundled into the van and off we went, although she could scarcely breathe.

Son, Michael, was always there for her and it is good to know that she stayed in her home with her beloved 'Igor' to the end.

The dog scene will be the poorer for her passing and she will be missed greatly.

Marjorie Jarosz of the chestnut hair and lively wit. Rest in Peace.

Judith Robin-Smith