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Connie Withington

It is a sad day that I write of the death of my dear friend Connie whom I have known for 40 years. We travelled together to many shows over the years and on judging appointments abroad and had many a laugh together as well as discussions on the show scene and the merits of the Poodle.

Connie started in the late sixties with silver Miniature Poodles and she enjoyed some success, and in the early seventies she started showing black miniatures, but her love for silvers was always her priority. It was, therefore, no surprise when in the late seventies she decided to add silver Toy’s to her household and in the early eighties these were joined by black Toys.

However, while she did well with the blacks, she was determined to continue with silvers and in Chrysilva Cavalier she achieved her dream when he gained his title in August 1985 at the City of Birmingham under breed specialist Mrs G Heath Booth. 1985 was also the year that Top Score of Chrysilva was born and he was to become Connie’s first white Toy Champion when he gained his title in 1987 at S.K.C. (May) under breed specialist Jill Douglas. Connie’s love for Silvers never faltered and she still had two at home but her white Toys were now her pride and joy.
The highlight of her judging career was judging Cruft’s in 1992 where she gave the dog C.C. to Mrs. Betty Sillito-Pearson’s Ch. Malibu in the Picture and the reserve C.C. to Philip Landon & Arturo Sheppard’s Ch.Vanitona Ednless Gossip.

The Bitch C.C. and best of breed was Dudley Barker’s Ch. Starwood Private Audition with the reserve C.C. going to Mrs M. Hill’s Ch. Teepoo Royal Emily, Connie was always willing to help newcomers and offer advice to anybody who asked, she was also a great help to her local Poodle clubs and had served on both the Northern Toy Poodle Club and North Western Poodle Club committees. Connie had had several health problems over the last two or three years but had overcome these with her usual determination, however, in the New Year she was diagnosed with cancer, it was, unfortunately, one battle she could not win and on Sunday, the 18th February, she passed away peacefully with her family at her bedside. To her husband Norman, son Peter and her daughter Carol we send our deepest sympathy.

Her funeral was held on Thursday 1st March 2007 at Altrincham Crematorium at 2.30pm, family flowers only please but donations may be made to the St Anne’s Hospice who cared so wonderfully for Connie these last few weeks.

Muriel Harwood

Rose Jenkinson-Bingham

Rose Jenkinson-Bingham of the Falconhurst OES and Lhasa Apso died Thursday 15th February at the age of 81.

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Rose, a friend since the 60s, always popular and a great supporter of the local shows (Hull area) for many years along with her late husband Ken.

Rose herself was a much respected championship show judge of OES and for many years served on the North Western OES Club committee. Rose will be sorely missed by her many friends in dogs (no funeral details as yet).

Barrie M Croft,
vice-president of the NE OES Club

Jayne Wilson Stringer
- a tribute

I would like to offer a personal tribute of friendship from Monica Still and myself to the memory of Jayne Wilson Stringer.

She befriended us and gave us some very helpful advice when we were novices with our very first Pharaoh Hound puppies in 1969. She was also a founder member of the Pharaoh Hound Club of Great Britain and at the time of her death was it’s president. She was one of the top judges of our breed and gave inestimable support to the club.

Our friendship has lasted for 38 years and I happily recall my last enjoyable phone conversation with her only four or five weeks ago. Monica and I are proud to have known her. May she rest in peace.

Dr Jeanne M Druce
(Merymut Pharaoh Hounds)

Chris Frost advises that the funeral of Jayne Wilson Stringer will take place at Grimsby Crematorium but is to be a private occasion. There will be a memorial service planned for either the latter part of April or early May and full details of this service will be announced as soon as arrangements are finalised. All Jayne's dog friends will be welcome and able to pay their respects at this memorial service.