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Pet blood bank launched

Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk) has become the first service of its kind to collect, process, store and supply pet blood products. Supported by the out-of-hours veterinary service Vets Now, the service has been launched following a change in legislation which makes it possible to apply for licensing to bank pet blood products.

PBBuk is a charitable organisation and is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Dogs all over the UK can now access blood products through their veterinary practice, providing them with vital, lifesaving treatment. There are also plans to offer similar service for cats in future.

From mid-March, dog-owners living within two hours of PBBuk in Loughborough will be approached to volunteer their pet for donations in a series of blood drives. These will be held at veterinary practices within a two hour drive of the PBBuk base, allowing suitable time for blood to be collected, returned to the premises in Loughborough and processed.

Donating dogs must be between one and eight years old depending on their breed. They must weigh over 25 kg and be in good health. Dogs must never have travelled abroad, must be up to date with vaccinations and must never have received a blood transfusion. Owners should contact PBBuk on 01509 232222.