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Midlands Greyhound Rescue faces closure

‘Brucey’ one of the Greyhounds rehomed by the Rescue

A GREYHOUND rescue centre in the Midlands is under threat of closure from the council after a small number of complaints about noise were received from local residents.

The Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust operates a rescue kennels for ex-racing Greyhounds in Birmingham. Solihull Council, which is responsible for the Perry Barr area of Birmingham, where the rescue kennel is based, is understood to have received complaints about noise from some locals. The kennel has been in existence for over 20 years, firstly as a training establishment, but more recently as a Greyhound rescue centre.

The Daybreaks Kennels, which rehomes dogs that have had careers at the local track in Perry Barr, became a Greyhound rescue centre when a local woman gave up a lucrative career to take on the care of the dogs.

Many local dog owners and supporters of the kennel have expressed regret that the kennel is now under threat.

Jo Collins, who got her dog Bruce from the rescue centre defended the Kennels and praised their excellent rehoming work.

‘I got my dog Brucey from them and he is the best pet ever, so loving gentle and obedient. We could not be without him,’ she said.

A petition has been set up to appeal to the council to allow the centre to continue operating.
The petition can be found online: