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Hound Association of Ireland news

In the past four months the Hound Association of Ireland has received two sad losses. In October 2006 Gill McDowell died. She had founded the Hound Association of Ireland and been its Secretary since its inception. In January 2007 Wendy Jackson died. She had been our Show Secretary for many years.

The effect of these losses has been to hold back somewhat the preparations for our two Championship shows in 2007. Our new Secretary and Show Secretary is Sophie McDowell, 15 Euston Street, Greenore, Co.Louth, Ireland. Telephone Number 00 353 (0)42 9383808 and e-mail:

Our next Hound Group Championship show will be held on Monday 7th.May 2007. This year we have moved the venue from Rosslare to Clonmel,Co.Tipperary. There are three Championship Shows being held on the same week-end. On Saturday 5th.May South Tipperary All Breed Championship in nearby Thurles and on Sunday 6th.May Fermoy All Breed Championship Show will be held in Clonmel at the same venue as our Hound Group Championship Show on Monday 7th.May. It is hoped that Exhibitors will find this ‘Mini Circuit’ attractive..

As many will know the Irish Kennel Club has now become a full member of the FCI and there will be many changes in Classification and Groups at our Championship Shows in future. At our May Show the Classification will be as per the FCI Rules. Puppy 6-9 months; Junior 9-18 months; Intermediate 15-24 months; Open 15 months & over; Champion 15 months & over; Veteran 8 years & over. There is a similar classification for Dogs and for Bitches. A Dog can be entered in one Class only.

We have applied to the I.K.C. to schedule the following Breeds with Green Stars. Afghans; Basenjis; Basset Hounds; Basset Fauvre de Bretagne; Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen; Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen; Beagles; Borzoi; Dachshunds All Varieties; Deerhounds; Finnish Spitz; Greyhounds; Hamiltonstovare; Irish Wolfhounds; Kerry Beagles; Norwegian Elkhounds; Pharaoh Hounds; Rhodesian Ridgebacks; Salukis; Whippets. It is hoped that the other two Shows will have a similar Classifications. As soon as we receive clearance from the IKC we will finalise our Schedule. This will be sent to all our Exhibitors in 2006 at our May show and our August show. If you would like to receive a schedule please contact Sophie McDowell by post, telephone or preferably by e-mail.

Our August show will be held as usual in Navan Racecourse on Saturday 18th.August 2007 with an International Panel of Judges. This show will be the Crufts Qualifier for Hounds in Ireland. Under the F.C.I. Rules our Show will schedule F.C.I.Groups 4; 6 & 10 and this will mean losing some breeds and gaining others. We will be sorry to lose Basenjis; Finnish Spitz; Norwegian Elkhounds; Pharaoh Hounds; Portuguese Podengos. We would like to thank them for their loyal support over the years and wish them well in Group 5. We welcome to our show in Group 6; Dalmatians and in Group 10; Italian Greyhounds. We will schedule these additional breeds at our August show. If Exhibitors in these breeds would like to apply to our Show Secretary with their details we will ensure that they receive schedules. The Munster Circuit starts on the 19th.August with the Clonmel International All Breed show followed by Killarney, Limerick and Tralee All Breed Championship shows.

If there are any queries on the above please contact either Sophie or myself.

Rodney McDowell, Chairman HAI