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Lifeline for Labradors

The Elwood & Briggs veterinary team with Lady Graydon, Deputy Lieutenant of Lincolnshire pictured with Steven Elwood and Bobby & Banjo

The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a charitable organisation responsible for the rescue and re homing of Labradors.

In any one year, the Trust relies upon veterinary expertise to treat the dogs in care from minor ailments to major reconstructive surgery for Hip Dysplasia and Osteochrondritis, more commonly known as OCD.

An increase in the number of dogs suffering from these painful and debilitating conditions, often brought about by irresponsible breeding practises calls for highly specialised treatment and TLLT Lincolnshire is fortunate in having veterinary surgeon Stephen Elwood of the Kirton based Elwood and Briggs practice on hand to undertake this intricate surgery.

Stephen has provided these unfortunate dogs with a new and active life and providing they are sensibly exercised along with a regular programme of hydrotherapy, they should be able to live normally.

In recognition of both his and his colleagues’ outstanding contribution and care towards all TLLT dogs, a recent meeting of the Charity’s Trustees recommended that Elwood and Briggs are recognised as an officially appointed Labrador Lifeline Trust Veterinary Surgery. The formal presentation of the Charity’s certificate was made to Stephen Elwood by Lady Elizabeth Graydon DL, the Lincolnshire Patron of the Trust.

An unprecedented number of Labradors are currently on the Lincolnshire rehoming register and anyone wishing to adopt a dog should contact Mrs Margaret Nadin, TLLT Area Coordinator on 01526 861995 in the first instance.