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West Midlands Terrier news

The West Midland Terrier Society have had some changes to its Officers since the AGM. Mrs Sue McCourt has not stood for re-election as President nor did Mrs Helen Reaney as Secretary.

The Committee and members would like to thank them both for all their dedication and hard work that they gave to the Society over the years. Those involved with Terriers are well aware of the difficulties that this group has to deal with in order to put on a successful show, after hard work and experimenting the Society has now developed a successful routine which will make it one of best Terrier shows outside of National Terrier.

The new Secretary is:

Mrs Sam Newton
34 Blaze Hill Road
Wall Heath
Telephone 07870 280018

Mr Colin Powell takes over the position of President and will look forward to welcoming you to the show in November
Joe Ashe, Chairman West Midland Terrier Society