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KC charitable trust to the rescue!

Following the launch of an appeal in OUR DOGS to generate more money to help the Kennel Club Charitable Trust reach out to dog rescue, there is good news this week for many organisations that were struggling in the light of the Coronavirus crisis.
The first tranche of relief grants......

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Kennel Club announces AGM arrangements

Abridged meeting to be held on 30th June 

The originally arranged date for the Kennel Club AGM was May 12th but, after the Government’s Coronavirus lockdown was announced, the KC advised Members in April that it had decided......

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International show planned in Norway

THE Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) is planning to hold an international dog show at the end of June.
The International Exhibition dog show in Trondheim on the 27 and 28 June will take place in three different locations for the group competitions and there will be no Best in Show because......

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Revised rules for puppies going to new owners

The Kennel Club and other animal welfare experts within the Canine and Feline Sector Group have now issued revised advice for breeders in England. 
It can be found at: 

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Geoff says thanks

GEOFF CORISH has thanked people for their well wishes after he suffered a heart attack on May 13.
Geoff was taken to to Blackpool’s Victoria where he was treated and a stent fitted. 
He said: ‘Just to let everyone know that I  am home and feel great. I’m......

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The Dutch Kennel Club is in violation of FCI rules

...writes Edwin Meyer Viol

Edwin Meyer Viol is the Founder of the foundation ‘Ras en Recht’ which means ‘justice for the breeds’ and has researched and written on dog breeds and particularly on the subject of Brachycephalic breeds.

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Activist group boasts of ‘success’

Animal rights group ‘Animal and Law (Dier en Recht) in Holland posted the following statement on its web site on May 13, 2020 

Success: no more pedigrees for Pugs and French Bulldogs:  
“Thanks to your support, we have had another......

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Awareness of health issues of brachycephalic breeds raised in Finland

writes Toni Saira, Breeder of Carte Truffé French Bulldogs

Based on the latest unfortunate news from the Netherlands I can confirm that animal welfare has been an issue of great concern also in Finland. There is a high demand for healthier dogs and especially those from brachycephalic breeds.......

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IKC cancels 2020! More UK shows go...

In a move for clarity for shows, clubs and exhibitors the board of directors of the Irish Kennel Club has voted to cancel the issuing of all show licences in Ireland for 2020, leaving the show calender empty and ensuring the safety of members and exhibitors during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.