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Avoid pink Pug craze, warns charity

Issue: 03/08/2018

Animal welfare charity Dogs Trust is warning the public to avoid buying 'pink' pugs.
Recently, singer Kerry Katona was seen in the popular press with a 'pink' pug and it was said she had paid 15,000 for the dog.
Online there are commercial breeders offering 'pink' pugs for large amounts of money. After one simple search OUR DOGS found an unlicensed stud dog being offered for 2,000.
In a statement on the Dogs Trust website they wrote, 'Pugs are traditionally bred in four colours, silver, apricot, fawn and black. But recently we've seen pink Pugs in the news. Pink Pugs are not a new craze, they have been around for many years. 
'Pink Pugs are actually Albino dogs, and the pink hue is down to a lack of melanin. This pigmentation is not specific to Pugs, it can happen to any breed - and can sadly predispose them to certain health conditions. 
'Combined with the fact that pugs generally are a breed known to suffer serious health problems we would strongly encourage anyone thinking of buying one to do their research.
'We have been investigating Puppy Smuggling for several years, and know that unscrupulous breeders will take any opportunity to con unsuspecting people out of more money. Pink Pugs have been bred for years, so don't be duped by anyone who tells you that they are the 'latest canine craze.' 
'We know that puppy smugglers work out what the most popular dogs are and then breed them intensely overseas before transporting them thousands of miles in awful conditions.
'As we would suggest with anyone wanting to get a puppy - regardless of the colour or breed - please do your research before you buy.  It's super important that you find out everything you can about the breed, as well as the breeder.
'We recommend visiting your local rescue centre first, but if you have chosen to go to a breeder we have lots of advice to give you the confidence that you are buying a healthy, happy puppy.'
There was an adverse response on Ms Katona's Instagram page with one poster saying, 'Think you should be well and truly ashamed of yourself for advertising such awful dog breeding...breeder shouldn't be allowed to be doing this at all! People like you line their pockets and let them continue treating dogs like dirt! Shame on you.'
Another wrote, 'Unfollowed. Thought you was a nice person that cared. Buying from backyard breeders when there's so many that need rescuing. Horrible.'

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