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BIS judges fail Eye For A Dog test

Issue: 11/05/2018

IT HAS been reported that almost all of the seventy-two people who registered for the first of the KC's 'Eye for a Dog' assessment days were present for the tests. The test will eventually be a must for every judge taking on a new breed, when the KC's Judges Competency Framework comes fully into operation.

We have also learned that at least two championship Best in Show judges and one Group judge failed the assessment.

In addition, we have been making enquiries and have discovered that the Finnish Kennel Club who designed the original version of the 'Eye for a Dog' assessment, has actually only staged one such session in the last four years. That raises some questions which the KC must now surely be considering? 

1. Was the failure of these high-profile judges caused by their incompetence or because of some inadequacy of the test itself?

2. The code for running these assessments says that three Best in Show judges and two KC Accredited Trainers must carry out these assessments. Who therefore decides which Best in Show judges are qualified to perform the assessments?

3. What tests, if any, were sat by the Best in Show judges who implemented the initial tests just held?

4 The Code states that anyone who fails the assessment is not permitted to take the test again for a full year. Does this mean that the Best in Show judges who failed are not now able to take on any new breeds in the next year?

The Kennel Club declined to comment.      

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