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Belgian breeder advised on welfare

Issue: 01/02/2019

A multi award-winning European dog breeder has been reprimanded for keeping over 60 Dachshunds in cages in her home.

Emanuelle Kockelbergh is a well known Dachshund exhibitor in Europe and has won numerous awards across the continent.

Police in Kortemark, Belgium, searched her home along with the Animal Welfare Inspectorate of the Environment Department last week.

Local residents have complained about environmental and noise pollution for some time. When they entered the house they found sixty dachshunds in cages in the house.

A spokeswoman for the animal welfare service said, 'We found 64 dachshunds and six puppies. The animals were not neglected but we did have comments and imposed the following measures: The dogs are no longer allowed to be crammed and must be housed spaciously, the nails of some animals must be shortened; there must be drinking water for all dogs and the registration of a number of dogs has to be put in order.'

She has a week to implement the imposed measures and then they will re-inspect the house. If the improved measures are not carried out then the dogs will be confiscated.
According to the authorities the breeder should only have a maximum of nine dogs in the house and not 64.

Ms Kockelbergh defended herself on Facebook explaining, 'I moved from my old house to another house for the dogs to have more space and a better life. I had to leave the old house before the new house was finished. I warned the neighbours that dogs would bark more while working than they usually do and asked them to give me time. But they did not. They called the police. 

'The police came while the plumber was working in the house, so the dogs were in cages at that moment. Would you let your dogs run free while two strangers walk in and out your house and leave the doors open with the risk that they would run on the street? In the meanwhile it was too late, we had to leave the house again because of the stupid neighbours. We were lucky enough to find another bigger house with less work to do and not close neighbours.'

She admitted she owned 60 dogs and said, 'I love my dogs and they are far from treated badly.'

There was an angry reaction from others with one poster writing, 'It's also crazy to think you can give 60 dogs a good life, all the personal attention and socializing they need. Hope they find a good hone.'

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