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Beverley to appear on reality show

Issue: 05/10/2018


A well known canine journalist is to appear on television this weekend.
Beverley Cuddy, the owner of Dogs Today magazine, is to take part in a new reality show on ITV on Friday 5th October.
The programme is called, The Big Audition, and it is made by the same people who made, First Dates. The production company use fixed rig cameras so that everyone forgets that they are being filmed.
Ms Cuddy, along with her husband Graham Smith, dog behaviourist Kirsten Dillon and photographer, Rob King was asked to choose a front cover star for the magazine.
Beverley said, 'We are filmed auditioning a new canine super model. We were looking for a dog to be the face of our retail site Purrfectly Yappy (which is a bit like Not on the High Street only for dogs and cats) and to be a cover star for our news trade magazines for pet people Dogs Today and Dogs Monthly.'
The production company chose seven candidates for them to choose between. The first time they saw them was once filming had started.
'I won't spoil it for you, but they picked very well - made our job super hard! The dogs were amazing, it was so hard to choose. Did we make the right choice? Well you'll have to watch to find out!
'One hardened TV critic told me he cried several times watching our segment. I have still to work out whether that is a good or bad thing!'
The Big Audition is on ITV at 9pm.

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