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Bulldogs protected after raid

Issue: 03/08/2018

Unscrupulous breeders have tried to get their hands on Bulldog puppies taken by South Wales Police in raids in Cardiff.
Last week over 180 officers from South Wales Police, the National Crime Agency and British Transport Police were involved in simultaneous early morning raids.
Ten men and one woman were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply drugs and money laundering and they are currently in custody.
More than 100,000 in cash, high value cars and 14 French and English Bulldogs were taken including five puppies.
They were all seized under the Animal Welfare Act and after being checked by vets were handed over to a local charity, Hope Rescue, for rehousing.
Local commercial breeders were interested as some of these Bulldog puppies were "rare" colours. In 2016 a source a told OUR DOGS how commercial dog breeders are forever looking for new types and colours to stay ahead of the market. It is all about the exclusivity of the colours.
They explained, 'Women like to buy a new handbag and then they want to buy the new one on the market. They want the newest and the better one. The same is true for these dogs the market pays more for the newer colours. It's all about the rareness of it.'
All the dogs had multiple health issues including cherry eye, entropia, ear mites, ear infections and skin infections. According to the rescue, 'There was not one healthy dog or puppy amongst them.'
The females had obviously been used for breeding on numerous occasions and according to the rescue they were, 'nothing more than money-making machines.'
They issued an angry statement about the approaches they have had from 'unsavoury characters'. Hope rescue wrote, 'As anticipated we were inundated with applications for English Bulldog puppies seized by South Wales Police from the Cardiff raids... Due to the ridiculous demand-driven value as a result of their breed and "rare" colours we have to be super vigilant and they will be going to homes that are already known to us to ensure the neutering contract is carried out.
'Some of you may think this isn't fair but given the fact they are too young to neuter we simply weren't prepared to take the risk of these little ones being sold on and used for breeding.
'We have had some very unsavoury characters trying to get hold of these puppies including one applicant who insisted he wanted a puppy for his young daughter but then a quick look on his Facebook profile revealed he had a similar litter for sale in January with a price tag of 7,000.
'That is just another example of how low unscrupulous backyard breeders will stoop. But the blame does not just lie with them.
'Who are these people willing to pay 7,000 for a puppy just because it is a certain colour with no regard to its health? Why are they not insisting they see Mum with her pups - a quick look at the state of Nutmeg and Rosemary would have put anyone off.
'When Kerry Katona pays 15,000 for a rare "pink" Pug... is it any surprise that backyard breeders and puppy farmers are rubbing their dirty hands with glee? The puppy buying public need to shoulder their part of the blame as irresponsible breeding is simply a consequence of economics.
'If you know anyone looking to purchase a puppy at ridiculous cost because it is a "rare" colour - usually Pugs, Labradors, English and French Bulldogs - show them the video of the seized dogs. Let them read about the type of people breeding these dogs and show them Nutmeg and Rosemary.'
Hope rescue support Lucy's Law and they believe that a ban on third party sales together with a robust licensing and inspection system will help to fight puppy farmers and unscrupulous breeders.
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