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Car park row leads to show ban

Issue: 30/11/2018


A row over a car parking space has led to a championship dog show banning a well known dog show exhibitor.
Mr Wayne Docksey attended Blackpool Show on Sunday 24th June as a spectator, having shown his dogs on a previous day. According to Mr Docksey he paid £10 cash to the parking official on entering the car park and parked his car accordingly. 
Wayne has a blue badge and says he explained about his disability to the official at the gate and was directed by him to the space his car then occupied. His badge was displayed correctly in the windscreen of his vehicle.
After entering the show and going to a ring he heard both his car details and his name called over the public address system. Mr Docksey returned to the vehicle as quickly as he could, stopping briefly because of the pain in his back after recent spinal surgery. 
Mr Docksey has relayed his version of events of what happened next to the Kennel Club in a written statement, 'On seeing my car I could see Mr Hall, the show secretary, leaning on the bonnet of my vehicle with his left hand leaning against the driver's side of my car, as I approached the front of the car, Mr Hall recognised me and started wagging his finger furiously at me with his right hand and said in a loud and highly intimidating manner "move the car now!" to which I retaliated by wagging my finger back, indicating my finger I said "There's no need for that, manners cost nothing, if you ask me politely  I'll move it." 
Mr Docksey asserts that the reply he received was "Move the f……. car now or I'll have it towed away".  OUR DOGS have asked Mr Hall for his version of events but he has refused to comment.
Mr Docksey then explained that when Mr Hall left, a car park official came up and asked him politely to move, which Mr Docksey happily did. He re-iterated that all he asked Mr Hall to do was to ask him more politely to move his car and he would be happy to oblige. 

Aggressive manner

Mr Docksey told OUR DOGS that he said in a letter to the KC, 'I tried to explain to him (Mr Hall) that I felt his manner and aggression towards me was totally uncalled for as a senior show committee and Kennel Club member  and told him that if he altered his manner towards me and politely asked me to move my vehicle I would, at which point Mr Hall became even more abusive, aggressive and threatening, telling me that I  would not be allowed to enter the show on the day or in the future nor would his society accept my entries at future shows, in full view and while facing arriving exhibitors and visitors some of whom have contacted me subsequently regarding this matter.' 
Mr Docksey says that the incident was witnessed by several people, one of whom wrote a witness statement to the Kennel Club on Mr Docksey's behalf. Blackpool Society in turn alleges in a letter that Mr Docksey swore and pointed aggressively at Mr Hall.
The witness statement said: 'While walking through the car park to the entrance to Blackpool Show to watch the best in show on the final day I was walking past a silver sports car and my attention was drawn to the show secretary, Steve Hall, who was being very angry and loud, at an obvious elderly disabled gentleman that I now know to be Mr Wayne Docksey, who was trying to calm Steve Hall down but was not being given the chance to talk. I could see no reason for the car being towed away from the place it was parked….."

Another letter 


The witness, herself a long standing exhibitor, has now also received a letter from Blackpool dated November 5, along with two images from the CCTV, saying: 'After careful (sic) scrutinising our CCTV (Cam01) at the point that this alleged incident took place, incorporating your witness statement of the events that you claim happened, they (the committee) don't understand when you say 'I continued to take my Dobermann bitch back to my van, walking between Mr Docksey's vehicle' - the problem they have is on the CCTV footage you did not have a dog with you. You came through the gate at exactly 11.20.33. 
'The next thing the committee noted was as you came from under the pagoda you crossed paths with Mr Hall he was facing forward walking to the buggy parked next to the fence, he had his back to Mr Docksey and was about 35ft away from him, you crossed the path of Mr Hall at 11.20.42.'
The letter also said that the committee were 'amazed' that the witness evaluated Mr Hall as a dangerous individual in just nine seconds. It went on at length to explain the side of the committee, telling the witness that in their view Mr Docksey had not paid for his parking ticket.


Since the initial incident the row snow-balled and has included numerous letters back and forth between Mr Docksey, the Kennel Club and Blackpool Dog Show Society.
The Kennel Club was drawn into the argument and in his statement to the KC Mr Docksey stated that in his opinion, 'Mr Hall's behaviour alarmed me and I felt distressed, threatened and abused by his loud voice, physical gesturing and by what was said to me loudly in a public place.'
However, it was the conclusion of the KC that as, 'there is insufficient evidence to corroborate either party's account of the verbal exchange between Mr Docksey and Mr Hall, we are unable to pursue the account further.'
With the governing body unable to settle the argument solicitors have became involved over alleged defamatory remarks that had been allegedly posted on social media by Mr Docksey. Wayne, however, denies posting these remarks and he has told the Societies solicitors that he is considering a counter claim over the alleged comments that were made by Mr Hall to him during the initial incident; Mr Docksey is also very concerned that Blackpool Show told him he was filmed on CCTV. He says that there were no obvious notices that CCTV filming was taking place and that this breaks IOC regulations. Mr Docksey told OUR DOGS that he considers disclosure of some of his personal information to his witness is in breach of GDPR regulations and if he is correct then the Blackpool Show could then be reported about this and also to the Information Commissioner's Office; should they be found guilty of any breach it could lead to a huge fine, Mr Docksey suggests.


On the 17 November Mr Docksey received a letter from Blackpool Show, signed by Mr Hall, which said, 'I am writing to inform you that at Blackpool & District Canine Society Ltd Committee meeting on the 13th November 2018, it was proposed that the society will no longer accept any entries from you to exhibit at any of our championship shows in the future.
'I (sic) was also proposed that you will no longer be able to attend as a spectator to any event that is held at Redwood Park, Pinfold Lane, Inskip, Nr Preston; both these proposals were unanimously supported by the Committee.
'Please note that no further correspondence regarding the matter will be entered into by the society.' 
Mr Docksey has offered on numerous occasions to both Mr Hall and the society the opportunity to resolve the matter by offering him (Mr Docksey) a written apology but has not received one as yet and it appears that is highly unlikely at this stage
Following this latest letter and ban, Mr Docksey has written to the Kennel Club yet again but as yet he has not received a reply.
OUR DOGS approached Steve Hall for his comments or that of the Society but he told us he had no comment to make on the incident.

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