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Crufts 2020 entries released

Issue: 07/02/2020

Nearly 20,000 qualified dogs will be heading for the NEC in Birmingham from 5th - 8th March to compete at Crufts 2020. They will make a total of 22,306 class entries. 
The Kennel Club has announced that 19,909 qualified individual dogs will this year be taking part in the Breed Judging, Gamekeepers’ Classes and the Obedience and Agility Championships at Crufts. That is 722 dogs less than last year’s figure of 20,631 a reduction of some 3.5 per cent. 
The number of overseas dogs included in the above entries is to be 3,171 in 2020 as opposed to 3,611 in 2019 – a fall of some 440 overseas dogs (12.2%).
Looking at the Crufts UK entry excluding overseas dogs, the show has 16,738 UK based dogs this year against 17,020 last year. That is a much smaller fall of just 282 dogs or 1.7%.
It has to be remembered of course that all UK dogs entered at Crufts have to be qualified at other shows and last year the UK qualifying shows, other than those which had benefitted from having extra CCs, were down by nearly 2 per cent. So the Crufts UK based entries are in line with last year’s overall statistics for group and general championship shows. Added to that, the uncertainties over Brexit cannot have helped attract overseas entries from European Union countries. 
The last few UK shows in 2019 were well down and Manchester this year fell by some 4%. This means that Crufts has actually performed in line with most other shows last year, and rather better than some of the shows held in the last few months. Even at just 19,909 dogs this year’s event has stayed well within the numbers that the show has been expected to experience over the last few years. 
Taking account of all the various other dogs present for Discover Dogs and Displays etc, Crufts will welcome a total of around 26,000 dogs this year. They will take part in a wide variety of competitions and displays over the four days of the show. Last year, a record attendance of over 166,500 visitors came to the event.
The KC says: “As well as the breed class judging which leads to Best in Show, visitors will be able to watch some of the world’s finest dogs and handlers in action across a range of disciplines including agility, obedience, heelwork to music and flyball. 
“The Obedience Championship for Bitches will take place on Saturday 7th March, with the Obedience Championship for Dogs on the Sunday. The Agility Championships will also take place on the Sunday.
“Other highlights of a busy programme taking place in what is now called the ‘Resorts World Arena’ are the Kennel Club Friends For Life competition, which celebrates those dogs in our lives that provide lifetime service, support, love and devotion, and the final of the nation’s favourite crossbreed competition, Scruffts.”

Labradors lead the way

Top breed entry this year is the Labrador Retriever at 543, just ahead of Golden Retrievers which have 519 dogs entered. Goldens are down 18 on last year when they had 537, but Labradors are up 12, just ahead of last year’s 531. 
Other breeds with 250 dogs or more this year are:
Whippet 388
Cocker Spaniel 370
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 341
Flat Coated Retriever 331
Border Collie  303
Irish Setter 291
Cavalier King Charles  286
Pug 258
Border Terrier 256

The following breeds have this year fallen out of the 250 entry bracket: Beagle 229 and Chihuahua Long Coat 216.

Biggest increases 

The top breed increases over last year, in terms of the numbers of dogs entered, have come in the following breeds:

Irish Setter 41
Japanese Chin 37
Basset Hound 35
Rhodesian Ridgeback 29
Pembroke Welsh Corgi 21
Leonberger 20
Portuguese Podengo 20
Min S/H Dachshund 17
Bichon Frise 16

Biggest falls

The biggest decreases in the number of dogs entered as compared to last year have come in the following breeds:

Pointer 53
Chinese Crested 43
Boxer 42
Lowchen 41
King Charles Spaniel 37
West Highland White 37
L/C Chihuahua 35
Dobermann 34
Dogue de Bordeaux 34
Beagle 31
Pharaoh Hound 30
English Toy Terrier 30

Imported breeds

For those rarer breeds not on the main KC Breed Register but on the Imported Breeds Register the entries are as follows:
Utility Group: Korean Jindo – 10, Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless) – 31 
Toy Group: Russian Toy – 36 Gundog Group Barbet – 14, Braque D’Auvergne – 5, Korthals Griffon – 9, Portuguese Pointer – 7, Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer – 0 
Working Group: Entlebucher Mountain Dog – 6 
Pastoral Group: Bergamasco – 7, Hungarian Kuvasz – 0, Hungarian Pumi – 28, Picardy Sheepdog – 5, Swedish Lapphund – 0, White Swiss Shepherd Dog – 25 
Hound Group: Azawakh – 6, Basset Bleu de Gascogne – 4, Bavarian Mountain Hound – 7, Black & Tan Coonhound – 20, Grand Blue de Gascogne – 0, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne – 6, Segugio Italiano – 0. 
The Barbet appears for the first time this year at Crufts.

Something for everyone

Tom Mather, Crufts Chairman, said: “Crufts offers something for everyone and this year looks like being no exception. Visitors to the show will be able to see dogs and their handlers taking part in a variety of activities and displays and we would urge anyone looking to buy a puppy to visit the ever-popular Discover Dogs area where they will be able to meet the breeds up close.
 “We feel honoured to welcome dogs from a wider variety of breeds than ever before, representing all corners of the globe. The fact that people travel far and wide to enter this prestigious event proves that it really is the world’s greatest dog show. 
“We thank everybody who has entered the show and look forward to welcoming all the dogs and their owners, who make Crufts such a wonderful event, whether it is those who have been loyally returning year after year or those who are experiencing the show for the first time.”

Overseas entry details

As stated earlier the number of overseas dogs included in the Crufts entries is to be 3,171 in 2020 as opposed to 3,611 in 2019 – a fall of some 440 overseas dogs (12.2%).
As ever, the presence of these 3,171 dogs from overseas continues to give the event a truly international flavour and the overseas entry at Crufts now makes up 16% of the overall show entry. 
Dogs from 42 countries abroad will take part in the show, including the top overseas country entry – Italy with 366 dogs followed by France at 317.
We show below the top ten country entries this year with the comparable entry figures for these nations last year: 
2020 2019 +/-
Italy 366 413 -47
France 317 389 -72
Germany 289 325 -36
The Netherlands 286 327 -41
Republic of Ireland 266 315 -49
Russian Federation 254 284 -30
Belgium 177 195 -18
Poland 174 126 48
Sweden 164 265 -101
Czech Republic 110 127 -17
For OUR DOGS’ comments see our opinion column on page 8 of this week’s issue. For a full list of breed entries see page 11.

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