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Devastated owner asks for help with funds

Issue: 05/07/2019


A DEVOTED Lhasa Apso owner has made an urgent appeal for funds to help her beloved dog get the best medical care after a devastating cancer diagnosis. 
Claire Blake has owned eight-year-old Barney since he came to her at eight weeks of age. 
Claire says: ‘Barney is a fun-loving little dog who lives life to the full and enjoys nothing more than charging around playing with his canine companions or entertaining us with his clownish antics! He is a very loving and affectionate boy.’
During investigations for sudden and dramatic weight loss  just after his 8th birthday - Barney was given a full body CT scan and Claire was told that he had a large brain tumour on the frontal lobe of his brain, very close to his right eye. The family were told that this tumour would need specialist treatment and would not be responsive to standard chemotherapy protocols.
Barney has now been referred to a veterinary Hospital in Essex, 162 miles from Claire’s  home in Bristol. Southfields is the leading centre in the UK for the treatment of cancer in dogs and one of only six veterinary centres in the UK to have a linear accelerator (a six million volt machine for irradiating tumours).  
For Barney to survive he must start radiotherapy immediately - at a cost of a minimum of £10,000, without this treatment he will die - potentially within just a few short weeks. 
Claire, who works for Defra, told OUR DOGS: ‘I’m sure you will understand that £10,000+ is a substantial amount of money for me to have to find. I am therefore fundraising in order to try to raise enough money to pay for Barney’s treatment and ultimately save his life.  
If anyone can help, please contact Claire on 07943 371765, or visit the Barneys GoFundMe at:

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