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Dog lovers unite for charity

Issue: 24/07/2020

This captivating photo by Anna Szabo shows Annika Ulltveit-Moe at play with her Lhasas and Beagle in their home on a sunny early morning. Anna has raised over 10,000 euros for charity. The picture was taken just a day before Anna left Sweden. Annika herself has been most supportive to the charity. 

Well known dog photographer Anna Szabó has just raised over €10,000 with photo shoots for a number of different charities.

World renowned for her stylish work behind the lens, Anna has raised the money from photo shoots with supportive dog people and she has shared out the money between the Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) and two hospitals in her native Hungary

Anna told OUR DOGS, ‘I was seriously ill with Coronavirus after Cheltenham in mid-March. A most dear friend cared for me whilst I was sick in England. Her kindness and my own carelessness towards the virus inspired me to rise up and do something good for the victims of the crisis. 

‘The only country where that was possible was Sweden, so once I fully recovered from the virus and was safe to others that I leave self-isolation, I headed straight to Stockholm to run a series of charity photo shoots strictly under the safety measures issued by the Swedish government. 

‘My own country’s economy has been really bad lately and significantly worsened due to corona. Needless to say, this has seriously affected our healthcare system as well. I therefore chose to support two Hungarian hospitals. That’s where I thought aid was most needed.’

‘As for the KCCT, the UK dog world has given me SO much so far... I thought it was the right thing in the right time to give a little something back.’

Anna Szabo


‘Never did I imagine the project could be such a success, and much of the credit must go to Dan Ericsson, who has been an invaluable help throughout the few months I spent in Sweden, and first and foremost to the Swedish dog people who stood united to support my charity. 

‘They have been ever so generous with their time and effort. Having worked day and night for weeks, within the first stage of our charity, I have sent 10,000 Euros off to charity and am about to announce the second stage of it.’

Anna has sent €6,300 to the COVID-19 fund of the University of Pécs in Hungary, €2,000 to the hospital of Kaposvár and £1,500 to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Charitable Trust

OUR DOGS spoke to Rev Bill King, the Chairman of the Trust who said, “So far the Kennel Club Charitable Trust Emergency Appeal fund supported by Our Dogs has awarded more than £90,000 in grants to various dog rescue charities. Seeing those important organisations which work very hard to save lives of dogs every day and give many dogs second chance at life, face difficulties during the pandemic was very difficult. We know how important funding is for those smaller organisations and we hope that support they received through our Emergency Relief Initiative will help them get through these difficult times and keep up their excellent and important work in the future.

“Anna’s donation pushes us nearer to an incredible £100,000 for the fund!  Her generosity of spirit is a wonderful example showing how there are no borders in the world of dogs especially when it comes to canine health and welfare and we thank her most sincerely for her efforts.” 

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